Unattended/Undiscovered Death


Death is something that no one is prepared to face, especially when a loved dies suddenly and alone. This type of death is known as an unattended death. A decomposition cleanup team of from Forensic Cleaning Ni bioremediation specialists helps to restore the site to a sanitary and livable condition. Forensic cleaning Ni works to alleviate the burden associated with decomposition cleanup to ensure that your property is thoroughly disinfected and restored.


An unexpected loss is not something a family can prepare for emotionally, and it comes with some difficult realities in cleaning up the affected areas. It’s not safe to simply scrub floors or throw away items that have been affected — there’s more to it than just cleaning.

When a person dies, the natural process of decomposition begins relatively quickly, and potentially harmful bacteria are released into the affected area. Bacteria are responsible for the odour of body decomposition. It is also important to note that:

Any porous material, including wood, carpet, drywall, or concrete, will absorb body fluids. As a result, you should never attempt to clean porous materials. Forensic cleaning NI bioremediation can properly dispose of these items for you.

Depending on the deceased individual’s health condition, there is potential to come in contact with blood-borne pathogens.

While decomposition is perfectly normal, traditional home cleaning solutions are not sufficient to safely clean, sanitize and disinfect areas affected by human decomposition.

Even the smallest amount of biological material left untreated can make a residence unlivable.

Forensic Cleaning NI is a nationwide industry leader in decomposition cleanup and biohazard remediation, working with families, businesses and communities every day. We are fully insured, security cleared with mobile offices offering rapid emergency response, and use a proprietary disinfection process. We also offer a Certificate of Treatment (COT), which guarantees that a remediated site is free of harmful substances.


When an unattended death occurs in a residence, there may be a need to sell or rent the property later. A site that is not thoroughly disinfected can harbour potentially infectious material for years, putting current and future residents at risk. Not only does Forensic Cleaning NI perform decomposition cleanup, we integrate ATP testing (often used by hospitals), along with the latest digital swab technology to ensure that all bacteria is removed from the death site, and the COT we provide stays with the home forever as proof of disinfection.

When looking for a bioremediation company, make sure there is a guarantee in place, like a COT, to protect yourself from against potential liabilities. Additionally, some states require you to disclose to new renters or buyers if a murder or death has taken place in the residence. If you find yourself in that position, it is helpful to provide proof of proper remediation.

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If you’re facing an unattended death, remember that you aren’t alone. We want the decomposition cleanup to be as easy for you as possible. 

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