Multi Surface Sanitiser,

Experimenting with an Ethical price structure. Rather than encourageing bulk buying, we want to just offer a bottom line price regardless of quantity, so everyone can benefit.

10 litres £50 plus carriage at cost.

We can also refill preloved rinsed our plastic containers, proper recycling!

The sanitiser: UK tested to kill Covid-19 but more importantly continues to protect for up to 24 hours following application, NHS approved, safe for people with Asthma/COPD, safe around animals, safe of skin, safe on fabrics, safe around food prep. No QAC Free, No MRL’s. Effective at low temperatures. No Rinsing required.  

Hand spray or apply with cloth.

Further dilutable for food surfaces @4:1.

Salons, food shops, gyms, offices, play parks, physios etc...

Forensic Cleaning NI trusted by professionals. 08451239070.

Foaming Hand sanitiser in a compact bottle, Proven to Kill Covid 19 & continues to protect your hands for up to 8 hours or until washed.

Antimicrobial Activity:ESENSE+ has been tested against:

EN1276 to >5Log in 1 minute under low soil conditions against E. coli, E. hirae, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, L. monocytogenes, S. typhimurium, MRSA, S. pyogenes, C. jejuni, E. faecalis (VRE), K. pneumoniae (CRE)

EN13727 to >5Log in 1 minute under low soil conditions against E. coli (K12), E. hirae, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus

EN1500 for E. coli (K12) – Test product was noninferior to 60% propan-2-ol and therefore satisfies the requirements of EN1500

EN1650 /EN13624 to >4Log in 1 minute under low soil codnitions against C. albicans

EN14476 to >4Log in 30 seconds against Human Rotavirus strain and Influenza A virus H1N1 (swine)

Residual antimicrobial efficacy on VitroSkin when tested against E. coli (K12) to deliver a >3log reduction of microorganism in 5 mins following 8-hour post product application.

Pure green 24 disinfectant... 

Available in Spray bottles & Refill bottles. 

Being involved in deep cleaning for many years we have finally found a cleaning disinfectant product which overcomes many of the obstacles in providing a safe work space.

Please see attached information on a new disinfectant which has been tested in USA by the EPA and claims to kill: bacteria, viruses and fungus including – Staph, MRSA & MRSA ca – Influenza A – NoroVirus – Bird Flu – SARS – E. Coli & Salmonella – HIV – Common Household germs.

Its non corrosive, doesn't stain & can be used in the presence of animals and people.

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Its made from low toxicity components and is very interesting.

We are the official importer and distributor for this product in the UK & Ireland and are happy to provide you with any spec info you may require.

Currently proving popular with Gyms, Day care centers, vets, Nursing homes, local authorities, physiotherapists, trampoline parks, indoor kids playgrounds, schools, hotels, restaurants, play parks, etc....

Please contact us for prices and quantities.