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We have sourced a number of specific sanitisers which have been proven to kill covid on application and continue to work following application, tests prove our surface sanitiser continues to kill Covid 19 for up to 24 hours after being applied. 

Its safe on skin and non caustic unlike tradition bleaches etc which also kill Covid but their protective properties stop there!

Our chemical is available to industry only at this stage and comes in 2litre bottles to be decanted into hand sprayers.

Back to work solutions from Forensic cleaning NI :

Forensic Cleaning NI have collaborated with selected qualified

professionals and approved suppliers, and can provide to "Corporates"

a holistic safe back to work post Covid - 19 consultancy and solutions

including desk cocoons to reduce aerosol spread at work stations

redesigning flow through offices in accordance with building regs. hands free door openers with feet.

moisture free, non contact sterilising chambers for anything

from documents, incoming packages, electronic devices, letters, PPE, keys etc... amended H&S policy & Covid-19 Mitigation strategies,

For "Home workers" Forensic cleaning operate a scheduled supply of suitable products to keep their home work station clean and safe

for peace of mind with staff and customers and subject to testing we can test the scrutinize the business and if appropriate award a Certificate of Cleanliness

Vehicle cabin separators, tailored signage

Counter PVC Protection screens, with specialised cleaning packs

Suitable PPE for face to face workers

Bespoke digital communication packages for internal

information and alerts.

Training and regular safety updates.

2020 sees a New presentation for undertakers, coroners, fire brigade, ambulance service, police forces, environmental health departments on the risks associated with undiscovered deaths.

Contact us to discuss suitable times and locations on the next presentation. 

Video for all Post-COVID work return 

My Blog

Transmission. Humans usually become infected with Lassa virus from exposure to urine or faeces of infected Mastomys rats. Lassa virus may also be spread between humans through direct contact with the blood, urine, faeces, or other bodily secretions of a person infected with Lassa fever.